Here is the problem. Anybody can write a product testimonial! Company owners, their friends and family members. Have you ever read a negative testimonial?

Instead of taking our word for how things roll at nduranc.com, we’ve provided a link to a  customer’s blog that sits outside of our control. Moms Run This Town Blog.

And for overkill, here are some raw emails snippets from our clients.

I just wanted to drop you a short note of thanks for providing such a wonderful product (and service!). Our race shirts were perfect. Nary a chafe, and spectators near and far were able to call out our names, making the 26.2 miles feel like a walk down the red carpet! Here are our “before” photos! (all three of us are wearing size small, and we’re all about 5’4″ – 5’5″?). Feel free to use on your testimonials
page! Thank you!! — Joanna

“The eagle has landed and the shirts have been received. At first touch, the material feels pretty incredible. The design layouts look great. Thanks so much for your accommodations and speedy turnaround on the shipment. After comparing these shirts with other samples that I have received, I think the quality is unparalleled (not to mention your unrivaled knack for constant communication). Also, I really appreciate the informative shipment email. It’s nice knowing just how many hands/paws are involved in the making of the final product” – Tom F

“Nduranc & friends, Thank you Thank you Thank you. The shirts arrived on schedule and they look and feel fantastic. I will send photos along with the team once we unveil them on Sunday. The EMT’s and Paramedics at Boston EMS appreciate your work.” – Mike M

“The shirts arrived and they look great! Thanks for sending the extra options- the large worked for one gal and one of the smalls for the other. Do you want me to send back the second small and the unisex XS? Or, can I pass them along as freebies to our cheering squad? Wish us luck on Sunday!” – Lauren D

“Just a quick “thank you”, for the shirt. I love it. Just the way I like it. I used it last weekend in the Austin marathon, and got great responses from other runners and spectators. I also recommended your site to other runners last weekend.” – Michel M

“Sorry to wait so long to get back to you regarding my shirt order. I received it last Saturday while I was out on my 15 mile run. I was expecting it on Monday and was pleasantly surprised to find it in my mail box. The exhaustion of my run (my longest ever by a mile) was quickly eased as I tore into the package, eager to see how it came out. All I can say is WOW! This shirt looks incredible and the feel ensures my group will be able to wear them in our running event without losing the benefit of the material. Thank you for the awesome job on this.” – Aaron W

“We just got back from a field exercise where we fired 54 of our training rockets. Awesome time!! I just got the shirts today and they look awesome!!! Seriously, I am very impressed with the quality! My commander is extremely happy. I think we’re good to go. Thanks again for your support.” – Greg MAJ USARMY 210 FIRES BDE (US) / Seoul Korea

“Was going to email you today too! Great minds think alike. Just wanted to let you know that the shirts came in last night and they look AWESOME. Thanks again for everything. I am looking forward to seeing what my teammates think about the shirts.” – LoAn N

“Sorry this is so late, but the shirt was exactly what I wanted,my wife (who is responsible for the “stubbornness is my superpower” line) says it is her favorite workout shirt as she rehabs from an injury and gets back to running. Your level of attention and service assures that I will be a returning customer and will recommend you to anyone that will listen. Thank you again for your help.” – Adam L

“Shirts came in yesterday. They look great. Wore one today for a 8 mile speed work indoor track workout. Felt great. I barely noticed I was wearing anything.” – Jeremy F

“You guys crack me up .. most fun online shopping experience ever!” Jennifer C

Team Pink Aid“The shirts turned out great! But my dad loved the shirt so much…he wants to get one for my mom. Any way you could make another one in size M and ship to the address below (last name on back would be SWENSON). If it could arrive before Christmas, that would be even better.” – Kayla M

“Thank you so much for working with me..save the template for both shirts please! Excited for my bloody nipple shirt. Did 10 today and my nipples are killing me, Ha!!! You were great to work with and I hope to send you more business. One day..if this race gets big enough I hope to have heavy medals and your shirts.” – Michael B

“The shirts were perfect – fit, fabric and design were all awesome. Thanks for doing such a great job. We didn’t run any faster for wearing them, but we sure looked better! My daughter and I will treasure the shirts, and the memories from wearing them during the race.” – Wade K

“Wow you are responsive, creative and fast! Love the graphics, ESP the sclero design. What about tweaking the front a bit.” – Susan R

image(1)“Thanks again–can’t wait to WEAR these shirts– I’m saving them. Well, > maybe one trial run just to make sure everything fits ok.” – Sharon P

“Hello. The club members at the race were pretty universal in their approval of the look of the shirts. So, I guess the question is what’s the next step?” – Tom H

“I found you on The Google, and I am busy spreading the good word around social media about your awesome product, prices, and customer service. Got my shirt- I love the design!” – Theresa P

“Just wanted to say we all loved the shirts. I enjoyed working with you and will definitely recommend you to anyone I talk to.” – Steve M

“We had a mission meeting last night. I passed out the shirts and everyone >> loved them. Thank you so much.” – Stan H

“Just to let you know, the shirt has arrived, and relatively wrinkle free. It looks and feels great!” – Rosemarie S

MCM Start“I love my Team Helga shirt!  You’re right, it’s super-comfortable and lightweight. I really appreciate the free extra shirt, too. More than likely I will get back to you in a month or two with another Team Helga order, this time for the men in my family. They are sure to be jealous when they see us stylin’ ladies in our shirts. Again, I really appreciate the speedy yet detail-oriented work!” – Rebekah J

“We got our Team shirts today. They look awesome. Can’t wait to run in mine. Thanks for a great ordering process and quality product. (Liked your important shirt information, too.)” – Phyllis M

“Shirt looks fantastic! Thank you. And appreciate you rejecting the first one. I would have been disappointed with it. Great service.” – Mark F

“Thanks. The race was an amazing experience and the shirts >> worked out great. We really enjoyed working with you.” – Scott S

“Got the Shirts, they look great! Thanks so much!” – Patricia D

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