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THE NDURANC.COM STORY (OMG it’s a thrill, grab a Starbucks or Red Bull).

Nduranc.com was started by runner junkies looking for custom performance shirts we could actually run in. Tired of silk-screening’s sweat trapping paint and ridiculous prices for a low quality product, we realized that shirt printers were actually “cotton t-shirt printers” using a non-compatible process on polyester shirts.

We were also annoyed with customer service reps and graphic designers who thought proper hydration had something to do with watering plants. They had no clue what we were requesting or talking about.

So, while searching for alternatives, we stumble onto dye sublimation technology used exclusively for making loud triathlete wear. This ec0-friendly method preserves a tech shirt’s moisture-wicking properties while accommodating large, colorful graphics that don’t feel like heat stickers during exercise. Nduranc.com was born.

Our philosophy.

– Specialize in one thing
Respond to people quickly
Over communicate
Out hustle the competition
The customer is always right (unless family)
– Run, bike or swim every day so we’re not cranky

Nduranc.com really does make the best custom tech shirt for people who sweat. We’re fun to work with and lighting fast. Our process makes tech shirts that look & feel great. Dedicated to unbelievable customer service, our shirts are created, tested and mailed out by runners for runners. We get it because like you, we train, get injured, race and cover the miles.

Call us today at (949) 328-6631 or shoot us an email at service@nduranc.com. We’ll even pick up the phone if we’re on a long run. Who knows, maybe it’s a taper week:)

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